All Out of Breath
Illustrating the onset and progression of primary spontaneous pneumothorax
Meningioma Resection
Illustrating a surgical procedure on meningeal tumour with complications
'Step One'
Graphic novella addressing misconceptions about Alcoholics Anonymous
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Dissected Thigh Anatomy
Carbon dust illustration of gross thigh anatomy in anteromedial view
Medical Malpractice Visualization
Illustrated narrative of a prolonged medmal case (Bell v. Ries and Wigmore)
Molecular Mechanism of Galectin-9
Vector illustration demonstrating the role of gal-9 in B-cell immunity
Human Skull
Carbon dust illustration of skull anatomy in lateral view
Neuroanatomy of the Eye
Collaborative digital illustrations for a textbook publication workflow
Cadaveric Dissection Studies
Mixed media studies of human anatomy in serial dissection of cadaver
Human Brainstem
Brainstem anatomy as observed in frontal and lateral views
Suboccipital Triangle
Vector illustration of neurovascular anatomy of the suboccipital region
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The NLM3D Project
Curation of 3D anatomical models from the Visible Human Female dataset
Human Fetus
Digital model and render of a fetus at 5 months
The Proteasome
Composite 2D/3D illustration detailing structure and function of the proteasome
Cancer Therapeutics
Cover art for Fall 2017 issue of IMS Magazine
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Personal Art
Biomedical Art
Personal drawings depicting topics and themes in medicine and science
Nature & Observation
Studies on nature, places and people
Fantasy Illustrations
Illustrations exploring fantasy themes in gaming and film
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