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Neuroanatomy of the Eye




Completed on:

Tools used:

Prof. Dave Mazierski¹, Prof. Shelley Wall¹

Chelsea Canlas¹ (concept, draft), Felix Weiler¹ (vectors)

Undergraduate neuroanatomy students, medical students

Mar. 2017

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

This collaborative neuroanatomy illustration spread was created alongside colleagues Chelsea Canlas (LINK) and Felix Weiler. My contribution to this project was in photoshop rendering of anatomical structures and functions relating to the eye, both in a realistic 3D style, and in a diagrammatic 2.5D style. In addition to rendering challenges, this project also provided an excellent experience on effective in-group communication between sequential collaborators.

¹Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto

Process Work

1. Rationale

This project offered an opportunity to collaborate with peers and simulate a textbook publishing workflow, whereby different medical illustrators would contribute to the completion of illustrations in a stepwise fashion.

2. Sequential Development

Each of the three in our workflow group was tasked with a task, either 1) layout design and drafting graphic figures, 2) vectorization of graphic figures, or 3) raster rendering of graphic figures. The layout/drafting artist would also compile a style sheet and art direction notes which would then be passed down to subsequent artists.

Chelsea Canlas

3. Rendering and Collaboration

I was tasked as the raster rendering artist in this series, and rendering in photoshop was carried out in conjunction with communication to the layout/drafting artist, such that refinements and adjustments were to their vision and intent. Figures were rendered either in a realistic or a diagrammatic style, while keeping consistent to the colours indicated in the group style guide.


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