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Human Skull, Lateral View



Completed on:

Tools used:

Prof. Dave Mazierski¹

Anatomy students, medical students

Oct. 2016

Carbon dust, Adobe Illustrator

This is a carbon dust illustration done as an anatomical observation exercise. The initial sketch was directly studied from human skull specimen provided by Biomedical Communications dept at University of Toronto. Cranial structures were subsequently cross-referenced with anatomy atlases for labelling.

¹Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto

Process Work

1. Rationale

This project was a technical exercise on accurate, realistic illustrative portrayal of a human skull in lateral view at anatomical position. The human skull was generously provided by the Biomedical Communications department for the duration of the rendering process.

2. Study and Rendering

The skull proportions and forms were captured on paper through a grid technique. Subsequently, rendering was done using the carbon dust technique on a cold-press illustration board.


Augur, A.M.R., and A.F. Dalley. Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy 14e. Page 586-587: Head: Cranium. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Company. 2017.

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