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The Nuclear Pore

Tools used:

Pen & ink

This stylized nuclear pore complex drawing was created as an exploration of how such a peculiar macromolecular structure could be depicted by popular medical art. The focus of initial drafts was to capture a cinematic larger-than-life feel, but were also cross-referenced with a number of structural biology publications, particularly with regards to its cross-sectional structures. Final rendering was completed in pen and ink.

End of Lab

Tools used:


This illustration was done to showcase the concept of elasticity, using a combination of model staging, props, and realistic rendering style. Drafts were drawn from life, and referenced along photography, for the final rendering. Much thanks to Anka Pulli for volunteering as hand model.


Tools used:

Pen & ink

This set of illustrations were created based on newly-segmented crude 3D models from imaging data, as an exercise to contrast traditional and cutting-edge approaches at depicting human anatomy

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